Meshmerizer for iPhone

An interactive, generative, audio-reactive visualization app for the iPhone and iPod Touch (what a mouthful!) (This is the continuation of what I originally called "The Meshulator").

Use your fingers to create and interact with abstract geometry in 2D or 3D. Very simple to use, just slide your fingers over the screen and try different gestures. Tilt the device to look at the shape from different angles. Options for two different kinds of audio-reactive behaviour (microphone input - iPhone only): deforming based on audio, or completely generative driven by audio. If you feel adventurous, you can play with plenty of customizable parameters to adjust coloring, physics, shape etc. Or if that feels too intimidating just click 'randomize' to make the settings random and experiment.

It was written with a custom version of openFrameworks (pre-006) and an early version of the ofxiPhone addon. Information on openFrameworks and ofxiPhone at

Available on the iPhone App Store

Get it from the iTunes App Store here.


Meshmerizer 25Meshmerizer 27Meshmerizer 31Meshmerizer 07Meshmerizer 02Meshmerizer 18Meshmerizer 01Meshmerizer 06Meshmerizer 04Meshmerizer 03Meshmerizer 19Meshmerizer 11Meshmerizer 20Meshmerizer 21Meshmerizer 22Meshmerizer 23Meshmerizer 15Meshmerizer 29

(video is of an early version missing some features)

Made with openFrameworks.