Oct 27 03:47

Projection mapping / quad warping with Quartz Composer & VDMX

This is a demo of projection mapping with VDMX & Quartz Composer inspired by deepvisual's tutorial of doing it in modul8 (

VDMX unfortunately doesn't have this feature built-in, but fortunately has beautiful integration with Quartz Composer - allowing me to build a quad warper in QC using a GLSL vertex shader, which should be super fast.

Also, around the 4:30 mark you'll see me masking the video on the box in the back. This is also using a custom Quartz Composition which allows 4 point mask creation. Usage is almost identical to the QuadWarper, but instead of warping the image it just applies a mask, or you can invert the mask and it cuts a chunk out. You could do the same by creating new layers, grouping, using as a layer mask etc. but its a a bit more hassle I think. Using the QuadMask is a lot quicker and you can put multiple QuadMasks on the same layer to draw more complex masks.

Aug 21 21:42

Realtime GPU based depth-of-field & backlight in Processing with GLSL v0.1

This is a very early version of a GPU based depth-of-field GLSL shader and sample Processing code. Adjust some parameters and it can also be used to give the scene a nice backlight/glow effect.

Mar 31 21:56

Amoeba Dance with mad girls.

I showed the VDMX / QC setup used in 'Amoeba Dance - Caliper Remote' to my girlfriend and some her friends and this is what they came up with.

Who needs Autechre when you have a bunch of mad girls!!

P.S. I have hours of footage of this if anyone is interested :P

Mar 29 00:25

Amoeba Dance

This is a little test using GLSL in Quartz Composer 3.0, and controlling via VDMX. All happening in realtime and completely audio-reactive with no post production or timeline animations etc. The potential is humongous and very exciting!!

Soundtrack "Caliper Remote" by Autechre (from LP5 - 1998)


Who needs autechre when you have a bunch of mad girls!
P.S. I have hours of footage of this if anyone is interested :P

May 21 22:15

VDMX / Quartz Composer Effects


I've created a dedicated section for VDMX / Quartz Composer Effects. These can be found here.
My patches can be found here.