Oct 27 03:47

Projection mapping / quad warping with Quartz Composer & VDMX

This is a demo of projection mapping with VDMX & Quartz Composer inspired by deepvisual's tutorial of doing it in modul8 (uk.youtube.com/watch?v=2bRfdn9lNO8).

VDMX unfortunately doesn't have this feature built-in, but fortunately has beautiful integration with Quartz Composer - allowing me to build a quad warper in QC using a GLSL vertex shader, which should be super fast.

Also, around the 4:30 mark you'll see me masking the video on the box in the back. This is also using a custom Quartz Composition which allows 4 point mask creation. Usage is almost identical to the QuadWarper, but instead of warping the image it just applies a mask, or you can invert the mask and it cuts a chunk out. You could do the same by creating new layers, grouping, using as a layer mask etc. but its a a bit more hassle I think. Using the QuadMask is a lot quicker and you can put multiple QuadMasks on the same layer to draw more complex masks.

May 31 16:12

New Music New Media 2008 @ Aldeburgh Music

Aldeburgh Music is an organization based in Suffolk, UK working with musicians - both professional and just starting out - to help them reach their full potential by providing them with the time and space to discover, create and explore - as well as providing inspirational scenery and a rich musical heritage.

The New Music New Media / Britten–Pears Programme offers advanced performance experience to young professional musicians in the inspiring surroundings of Snape Maltings, home of the Aldeburgh Festival founded by Benjamin Britten in 1948.

Apr 18 08:24

WiiToMidi Modes Demonstration

This is a demonstration of the different signal modes I added to the Mac OSX Wiimote midi driver - WiiToMidi.

None of the demonstrated signals use the IR sensor so the user has complete freedom of movement (can swing in 360s), stand pretty faraway from any received, computer etc. - and the Nunchuk also has the same position, velocity, orientation etc.

Apr 02 09:26

VDMX Springy Plugin


In this previous post I mention creating data-source plugins or processing existing data-sources for VDMX using Quartz Composer. Well the specific example I've given in that post isn't that useful, simply does 1-x^2.

I've just created something which may be a bit more useful, its a springy smoothing patch. So you can attach springlike behaviour to data-sources and modify spring stiffness and damping. Here's the JavaScript:

Mar 31 21:56

Amoeba Dance with mad girls.

I showed the VDMX / QC setup used in 'Amoeba Dance - Caliper Remote' to my girlfriend and some her friends and this is what they came up with.

Who needs Autechre when you have a bunch of mad girls!!

P.S. I have hours of footage of this if anyone is interested :P

Mar 29 00:25

Amoeba Dance

This is a little test using GLSL in Quartz Composer 3.0, and controlling via VDMX. All happening in realtime and completely audio-reactive with no post production or timeline animations etc. The potential is humongous and very exciting!!

Soundtrack "Caliper Remote" by Autechre (from LP5 - 1998)


Who needs autechre when you have a bunch of mad girls!
P.S. I have hours of footage of this if anyone is interested :P

Mar 28 22:11

Using Quartz Composer to create VDMX plugins to process VDMX Data Sources

The current latest version of VDMX5 ( now has the brilliant (undocumented) capability of using Quartz Composer patches as plugins (in addition to clips, effects and text sources).

What you need to do is:

  1. Create a Quartz Composer patch with a published input, and a published output... with JavaScript or Maths nodes inbetween.
  2. Plop your QTZ in your VDMX/plugins folder
  3. Create an instance of your plugin from the Plugin Manager (at the moment you need to restart VDMX for the plugin to appear I think, I'm sure this will be addressed quite soon).
  4. Assign any VDMX data source to the input of your QTZ plugin.
  5. Assign the ouput of your QTZ plugin as a data source to and slider.

et voila! beautiful. I've attached my sample files...

May 21 22:15

VDMX / Quartz Composer Effects


I've created a dedicated section for VDMX / Quartz Composer Effects. These can be found here.
My patches can be found here.